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Walter Richardson

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I am a soul, living out and enjoying life as a Songwriting, Storytelling and performing Musician.

I have grown up traveling the world as an Airforce Military Dependant (Brat). My exposure to music is very broad, open and mixed. At best to describe my music, is to say it derives from my own spin of Folk, Rock, Reggae and added African and Latin influences. Of course, not to leave out Soul and Funk!

In music, I play rhythm guitar, therefore the groove is huge part of what music is to me. I enjoy performing as a solo, duo trio as well with a full band. Over the years, I've formed the bands Driftwood, Morningstar and currently the Peaceful Warriors.

Through music I have traveled, and shared the stage with bands ranging from Third World to Ziggy Marley. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet great artists like: Carlos Santana, Burning Spear, Taj Mahal and the list goes on.

The Beatles were my early influence in music. At the age of nine years old, I taught myself to play guitar. Later in my teens, many artists like Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens, Sly and the Family Stone, Creedence Clearwater, Parliament, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Dylan, Motown and many others entered the picture, and were a big influence in my growth in music.

After completing my BS degree, I decided to continue my pursuit in music. Coming from a musical and creative arts family, this seemed natural to me. It is a way of Life for me. From background house parties, to coffee houses, wine bars, night clubs and concert stages, I enjoy performing and sharing music. To be able to fill the air with music and be part of its marvelous effect on people... is an incredible feeling.

I am thankful and grateful to have the life long support of my parents, my four brothers and three sisters.

But most of all, it's the fans and friends, who cross my path and touch my life in so many special ways, that make this such a wondeful Soul Journey!

~ Walt Richardson

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Address: PO BOX 2798 Tempe, Arizona 85281 ~ Telephone: 1+ (480) 442- 9060

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